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Passover Seder
First Night: Wednesday April 8
Second Night:  Thursday April 9


We will not be holding a Passover Seder this year.  For a halachic discussion from one of REB's teachers - Rabbi Haim Ovadia, see here:


Q: Should families get together for the Seder?
A: Families can get together under the following conditions: 
  1. All members tested negative. 
  2. There will be less than ten participants. 
  3. After the seder participants will have no contact with others. 
  4. None of the participants is in a high-risk group.
Since most seder gatherings will fail to meet at least one of these rules, and since we have unfortunately seen the results of people insisting of continuing religious rituals despite warnings, you can choose to stay home with the immediate family you are quarantined with, or rely on the many poskim who allow using electricity on Yom Tov and join family members virtually through FaceTime, Zoom, or a similar service.
I was first asked this question by a friend who wrote that he is in his seventies and was told by a doctor not to have his children over for the seder. I replied that the solution is alluded to in he Haggadah:
הרי אני כבן שבעים שנה ולא זכיתי שתיאמר יציאת מצרים בלילות עד שדרשה בן זומא 
I am around seventy years old and I did not have the merit to hear the story of the Exodus at night until an interpretation was offered by Ben ZOOMa!!!  (lol)

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