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Temple Beth Or בית אור House of Light    

התורה שלנו - Our Torah

Our Torah Scroll

 ...was koshered by a scribe in Ashdod, Israel.  It was likely written in Poland more than several hundred years ago.  It was handwritten in the Arizal's font, named after "Rabbi Isaac Luria," a gifted scholar from the 1500's in Tzefat, Israel. 


Slichot is the traditional time to change between the regular year and the High Holiday Torah cover, which is white.  Many blessings to Nurit Mermin, weaver extraordinare, who wove 613 silk threads for our white, High Holyday Torah cover, complete with 36 "lights"   (crystals).   Todah rabbah (thank you so much), Nurit.


 It was purchased in memory of Seth Webb Beyer. 

Our Ner Tamid / Eternal Light was made by Rabbi Beth and her husband Dr. Tom.  (Glass fusion).

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