Temple Beth Or בית אור House of Light
Temple Beth Or בית אור House of Light    

שיעורים CLASSES:  We are a "learning chevre" (group) working to increase our knowledge of G-d through text study, encouraging study - - often in the outdoors.

Opportunities for Growth
Sunday Salons 4pm at Beth Or, unless noted

January 14 Topic: Life after Death
January 21  Rosh Chodesh (Women's) Group at Emanu-El, 1030 Manzanita @ Lakeside
January 28 Tu B'Shevat Seder with Hillel RSVP for information

January 31 Tu B'Shevat Seder with our Religious School
RSVP needed

February 11 Rosh Chodesh (Women's) Group
February 18 Topic:  Science Behind a Plant-Based Diet (good for your heart and health)


March 11 Sunday Salon   Topic:  Dreams in the Jewish Tradition
RSVP and bring a dream for us to talk about.  Yes - one of your dreams.


March 18  Rosh Chodesh (Women's) Group at Temple Emanu-El
Rabbi Beth and Rebbitzin Alice Fasman will be talking about dreams.

April 15 Rosh Chodesh (Women's) Group 

April 22 Sunday Salon   Topic:  Ghosts in the Jewish Tradition


May 13 Rosh Chodesh (Women's) Group

May 20  Torah and Hike Meet at Beth Or 4pm

June 6  Joint Religious School Emanu-El and Beth Or at Beth Or 3:30pm

June 17  Torah and Hike  Meet at Beth Or 4pm


July 15 Torah and Hike  Meet at Beth Or 4pm
RSVP Required  :)

July 21 (Saturday evening) Tisha B'Av Service


Religious School

If you live out of town, Rabbi Beyer is available to Skype with you or your child, if needed.


During the 2017-2018 school year:

Wednesday Classes
Youngest Students:  3:45-4:45pm  

(kindergarten, 1st grade)   

Bnei Mitzvah Students: 5pm
SUMMER:  Typically 1st Wednesday of the Month



Torah and Hike / Kayak / Ski
Hikes are scheduled several times a month during the summer, along with a few kayak trips.
Torah and Ski is held at Mt. Rose Ski Resort, along with a few x-country trips in Mt. Rose Meadows. 
RSVP for info.  See our "Outdoor Gallery" for photos




Music Group:  We have an awesome team of musicians for Shabbat and the High Holydays.  
Are you a musician?  Let us know if you are interested in helping at High Holydays.   


 Hebrew tutoring available.  Learn how to read Torah (Bible) or the Siddur (Prayerbook). 

Classes for bar/bat mitzvah children available.  


Do you live out of town and you want to learn?  We use Skype!  Skype enables people to see and speak with each other over the computer.  It is a free download to use Skype.  Think about what you are interested in learning.  Maybe we know someone who is interested in working in chevruta (a study buddy who will work on the same area of Jewish learning along with you).


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