Temple Beth Or בית אור House of Light
Temple Beth Or בית אור House of Light    

שיעורים CLASSES:  We are a "learning chevre" (group) working to increase our knowledge of G-d through text study, encouraging study - - often in the outdoors.

Opportunities for Growth

Fireside Chat with the Rabbi (informal discussion on a particular topic)


Religious School:
We meet weekly and are currently in session.  Contact Rabbi Beth for more information.

        If you live out of town, Rabbi Beyer is available to Skype with you or your child, if needed.


Torah and Hike / Kayak / Ski
Hikes are scheduled several times a month during the summer, along with a few kayak trips.
Torah and Ski is held at Mt. Rose Ski Resort, along with a few x-country trips in Mt. Rose Meadows. 
RSVP for info.  See our "Outdoor Gallery" for photos



   Hebrew tutoring available.  Learn how to read Torah (Bible) or the Siddur (Prayerbook). 

Classes for bar/bat mitzvah children available.  


Do you live out of town and you want to learn?  We use Skype!  Skype enables people to see and speak with each other over the computer.  It is a free download to use Skype.  Think about what you are interested in learning.  Maybe we know someone who is interested in working in chevruta (a study buddy who will work on the same area of Jewish learning along with you).


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