Temple Beth Or בית אור House of Light
Temple Beth Or בית אור House of Light    

עלינו - Mission, History, Board and Partners

MISSION:  Our mission is to inspire Jewish practice among participants who are Jewish or those considering becoming a "Jew by Choice."  Our goal is to inspire individual and community growth. To achieve this, we engage G-d through Limud (learning), Tefilah (prayer), Tzedek (social justice), and participating in Kehillah HaKadosh (holy community). Our name, which means House of Light, presents our focus - which is to be a light. 


Our prayerbook is the Reform Mishkan Tefillah.  We have a dairy potluck on the first Friday evening of the month. We also meet for Chagim (holidays) and weekly study of Torah and weekly study for our Judaism 101 class.  During High Holydays, we use a Renewal Machzor. 

We do not aspire to just to learn about G-d, it's to experience G-d through Jewish practice and text study.  Let us know if you would like to be included on our monthly email or go to our Contact Page were you can sign up. 

HISTORY: Temple Beth Or was incorporated in June 2009 by a small group who held a vision to create a new, vibrant Jewish congregation in Reno. Prior to TBOR's birth, a group called Ma'ayanot (Wellsprings) met for healing services for nearly two years at Temple Emanu-El or Temple Sinai. 


Beginning in 2009, our birthing process was swift and encouraging. In our first, second and fifth annual High Holiday services, we met at University of Nevada, Reno. For our third and fourth annual High Holidays, we met at Paradise Park Community Center.  We dedicated our own building October 10, 2013.  In 2016, we had our first High Holydays in our own building and continue to do so.  We celebrated our tenth anniversary June 2019 and recently held our 11th High Holyday Services. 


If you would like to donate, call 775-322-5542, send your check to Temple Beth Or, 1150 Selmi Drive, Reno, NV  89512 or use PayPal. 

                                  Our Wonderful Board 

President: Dr. Tom Beyer, DC  nvtomfish@yahoo.com

Treasurer and Secretary:  Barbara Ries barbararies65@yahoo.com

Board Member:  Serina Britt  serina.britt@gmail.com 
                        Michael Weinzweig mweinzweig@yahoo.com
                        Steven Weidman  sweidman@mac.com
                        and Steve Ries steverieschi@yahoo.com


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Temple Beth Or

1150 Selmi Drive
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Phone/Text: 775-322-5542

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